Reasons why your Grocery Bill is Too High

Have you noticed that your grocery bill seems to be getting higher and higher each month? While constant price increases do play a significant part in this increase, you will also be partly to blame. Below are just a few of the reasons why your grocery bill has become so high as well as a few hints and tips on how to reduce it again.

1. You Don’t Shop with a List

One of the biggest mistakes most people make when going grocery shopping is that they don’t check their pantries, refrigerators, and freezers before going out. This result in them aimlessly wandering through the aisles and picking out items that they think they need instead of those that they have run out of at home.

Before going to the store, it’s essential that you make a list of the items you have run out of. This will ensure that you purchase everything you need and not forget anything. Sticking to your list and not making any impulse purchases will also help reduce your bill drastically.

2. You Shop too Often

Are you in the habit of stopping by the store every evening on your way home from work? If so, you could be falling prey to far more impulse purchases than you should be. Research has proven that the fewer times you enter the store, the less you will spend on items that you don’t need. Instead of shopping each day, make a list and only stop by the store when there are more than 8 to 10 items that you have run out of. This will also save a lot of time and gas.

3. You Shop at the Same Store Each Week

Although it may be convenient to shop at the same store each time you need groceries, this could be costing your budget dearly. Over time, the different stores in your area will most likely have changed prices on many of the staple items that you purchase regularly. This means that you could be paying more than you should for these items, simply because you have not been shopping around.

If time allows, consider going to a few other grocery stores in your area to compare prices of the items that you use most regularly. Although this may take an hour or two, you could find that some items are substantially cheaper at another store close to where you live or work. However, when doing your price comparisons, ensure that you are not traveling 15 miles to save $2 or $ on your cart of groceries.

Using a list, trying different stores and shopping once a week or once a month will enable you to reduce your overall grocery budget substantially. If you are not able to travel to the different stores in your area, check to see whether any of them offer online shopping and delivery – which can also be handy if you live too far away to travel without spending too much on gas.

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